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にほんご きょうしつ 「あかさたな」
Japanese Class “A-KA-SA-TA-NA”/日語教室/일본어교실/Curso de lengua japonesa/Curso de JAPONÊS


Classes are operated by a local volunteer group ALOE: Association of Ladies with Overseas  Experiences. The lessons focus on daily Japanese conversation. Having experience of living abroad, the volunteer teachers teach you real Japanese which will help you to survive in your new home.

  • 会話(かいわ)クラス / Conversation Class/会話班/회화반/Conversación/Conversação

  • 入門(にゅうもん)から上級(じょうきゅう)まで/ Beginner to Advanced   4 classes​

  • 受付(うけつけ) Registration:4 /11  10:00am-10:30am, 9/12  10:00am-10:30am, 1/9 10:00am-10:30am

※期間中(きかんちゅう)、いつでも はいれます。You can also join the class at the middle of each term.

期間中随時報/기간중 수시접수/Se puede inscribir en cualquier momento/As inscrições podem ser feitas a qualquer


木曜日(もくようび)/Thursday/毎星期四/木요일/Todos los jueves/às quintas-feiras

  • 10:30-12:00 授業(じゅぎょう) Class/学習/일본어공부/curso de conversación/aula

  • 12:00-13:00 サロン(さろん) free conversation/清談倶楽部/자유회화(티타임)/conversación de intercambi/reunião de intercâmbio

  • 4/16-7/18/2019: 春(はる)ターム Spring term/봄/primavera

    • 4/11,18,25,  5/16,23,30,  6/ 6,13,20,27  7/4,11,18

  • 9/12-12/5/2019: 秋(あき)ターム Autumn term/가을/otoño/outono

    • 9/ 12,19,26  10/3,10,17,24,31 11/ 7,14,21,28  12/5

  • 1/7-3/18/2021: 冬ターム Winter term/겨울/ invierno/ inverno

    • 1/ 9,16,23,30  2/6,13,20,27  3/ 5,12

​​★タームの初日(しょにち)は10時から受付け(うけつけ)です。/Registration will start from 10:00am at the first day of each term.


  • 春(はる)ターム Spring term/봄/primavera

    • 2,600 ​yen (13 lessons)

  • 秋(あき)ターム Autumn term/가을/otoño/outono

    • 2,600 ​yen (13 lessons)​

  • 冬ターム Winter term/겨울/ invierno/ inverno

    • 2,000 yen (10 lessons)​


会話(かいわ)クラス(くらす) / Conversation Class/会話班/회화반/Conversación/Conversação

  • 入門(にゅうもん)から上級(じょうきゅう)まで )  Beginner to Advanced   4 classes


about our lessons

Class 1

For beginners, who have just started or wish to start learning Japanese.
You will learn numbers, short greetings, short phrases for shopping etc.

​Class 2

For someone who already know numbers, and short greetings.
In this class, you will try to talk short sentences using easy vocabulary.

Class 3

For someone who can understand short phrases.
In this class, using your vocabulary, you will try to make some sentences, talk about yourself, and listen to others.

Class 4

For someone who can have daily Japanese conversation.
Every week you will read a short  article from newspaper or a book in a class, and discuss it with others.

サロン free conversation/清談倶楽部/자유회화(티타임)/conversación de intercambi/reunião de intercâmbio

After class, all students and volunteers get together over tea and snacks. Please enjoy!


お問い合わせ/Contact Us



活動場所:名古屋市中区三の丸2-6-1 あいち国際プラザ (三之丸庁舎)


If you have any questions about our Japanese class, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Japanese class room: Aichi International Plaza

- 6-min. walk from Subway Meijyo Line M07, Shiyakusho (City hall) station, Exit #5